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Hydrosols offered by OLEASSENCE in Luberon are all organic. They originate from the distillation of the corresponding essential oil. When steam distillation of water, the water used has been enriched water soluble molecules to the portion of the distillation plant.
That is why, the properties and the scent of hydrosol may be quite different from those of the Essential Oil. There will, however, always a small percentage of essential oil in a hydrosol.
They are ideal tonic to choose according to their own qualities. They have an acidic pH which will allow the skin to regain the balance it needs after cleansing. They can be used pure or integrated into a formula, such as cleansing or hydrating toner (based on glycerol).
Formula Hydrating Lotion (50ml):
Hydrosol 45ml
Glycerine 5ml
Cosgard (preservative) 10 drops